Why use The Good Oil?

Cheaper than employing a star marketing staff member.  Even on our top level retainer programs and paying for extra content development, you’ll be saving significant money.

We are across a lot of industries so have acquired expertise, and are learning from lots of smart people as we go.

We are results based.  If its not working for you, just cancel!  No complicated staff processes to work through.

We sink significant time into learning and keeping abreast of new developments.

Outsourcing marketing tasks saves significant time.



You get:

Facebook Page Management.  We’ll ensure your page is growing, by applying our Facebook Success Formula to YOUR page.

A monthly chat with Corey Hinde about how to grow your business.  Results monitoring, feedback,  planning.

Weekly group marketing training sessions via our Facebook Group.A discounted rate on all services provided.  Any marketing work, writing, ad creation, design etc, will be available to you at below our usual rates.  Very handy if you need some marketing work done.

Group participation.  This group is made up of serious business owners who support and help each other.

Expert help from Good Oil Chief Marketeer Corey Hinde – available through the group to assist you with your marketing at all times.  This is why MOST clients join our membership program – they run all ads, written materials, and marketing content through us for expert advice on how to get best results.

$299 per month – incredible value!  No contracts – all results based!  



Become a Client:

Are you after more traffic, leads, and ultimately more sales?

This is for businesses ready to invest for returns, and accelerate their growth to their full potential.  As mentioned above, there are plenty of very good reasons to outsource your marketing efforts.

Content creation – ad creation – email growth – referral programs that work – Facebook Page management – Google Ads – Blog articles – we’ll get results for you!

We will need to discuss your needs over the phone or in person, and tailor a package to your needs.


Becoming a client of ours will require a chat on the phone with Chief Marketeer – Corey Hinde. 

Fill in our contact form and we’ll be in touch within 7 hours and 13 minutes….. >>click this link<<


I’m looking forward to having a chat to you soon…..