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Hi and welcome to The Good Oil – Marketing Dept.  I’m Corey Hinde and

I’m here to help small businesses get better results.  If you are after more results from your marketing, you have come to the right place.

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I firmly believe that small businesses are the lifeblood of our business world, and also that most small businesses would benefit greatly from outsourcing their marketing thinking, or at least some of it, to someone else….. like ME!


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TESTIMONIALS – people just like YOU who are currently enjoying MORE success in business…


Rach Scriven – Megabite Online Nutrition:  “Amazing advice from an experienced marketing magnet! Also a dietitian, so he understands what I want to achieve from my business!!! Don’t hesitate to contact Corey he is full of energy and relentless!”


Jody Arnott – Ninmo Productions:  “Corey’s support has been invaluable in the few short weeks we’ve been working together on my marketing plan. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to any and all business owners – Corey really knows his stuff. His advice and support is making a real impact on the success of my business.”


Sarah Walker – Back in Action Physio:  “Excited to be working with such a progressive and inspirational company.”


Laurise Taylor – Vibe Clothing NZ:  “Corey has been a lifesaver! Awesome advice, inspiration and ideas that get results. He knows his stuff!”


Kim Crawford – Queens Council Clothing:  “Top job Corey. Thanks for all of your help, knowledge, inspiration and motivation. Anyone who owns a business needs to check out the good oil.”


Barry Mitchell – PC Heroes:  “Great advice! Corey is helping us with our Facebook Marketing and has provided some invaluable feedback. Thanks heaps Corey 


Megan Suter – Wallsorts:  “Always positive and energetic, Corey’s want for business success is infectious. He has made a huge difference to our small business, with well thought out and researched strategies, he knows what works. Particularly helpful with navigating the often complex beast that is social media marketing!”


Katie Cullwick – Foxtrot Home:  “Corey has been invaluable in helping our small business grow and succeed. I notice differences in our performance every day thanks to his help. It’s as simple as that. He has incredible knowledge and is a super great guy to boot. Highly recommended!”


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